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Good mats help people work standing up.

Rock hard floors make no one happy; no matter how good your shoes are, your feet, legs and knees soon get tired and in the worst case you can also suffer from repetitive strain injuries. For people whose jobs mean they must stand all day, a good surface to stand on is naturally extra important. A good workplace mat is soft, cushioning and protects against cold floors; it is also non-slip. It spares your feet, legs and back; your work environment is improved considerably, which helps you feel better and stand longer.

Why should I buy workplace mats?

First and foremost, to improve the working environment by making hard surfaces soft. An ergonomic work place mat brings many benefits – personnel have more energy and job satisfaction increases. Today, repetitive strain injuries account for 80% of sick days. Workplace mats reduce the number of sick days, which also makes the investment cost-effective.

According to a Swedish Work Environment Authority report entitled Occupational Injuries 2014, repetitive strain injuries were the most common cause of reported occupational illnesses in 2014. Over 40 % of the occupational illnesses during 2014 were caused by repetitive strain factors. Repetitive strain illnesses are often caused by a combination of factors. Heavy lifting, moving loads; repetitive, monotonous work and unsuitable working postures are common causes.

Ergonomic work area mats are a step in the right direction when it comes to improvements for personnel who stand, move around and work on hard surfaces.

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Choosing a good mat is easy – all of our mats are professional

  • They are soft and cushioning with very high comfort.
  • They are non-slip.
  • They dampen noise and vibration.
  • They protect against cold floors.
  • There are mats for every type of environment.
  • There are many different formats such as modular mats, ready-made mats and mats by the roll.
  • All of the mats are easy to care for and maintain. They can be vacuumed, swept or wiped off using a mild detergent. In many cases, they can also be flushed clean using a pressure washer.
  • They usually have a 5-year warranty, in some cases 2 years.

Let us help

When should I buy workplace mats?

Many people wait far too long before prioritizing ergonomics at work. Ergonomics can bring major benefits when they are designed into the workplace right from the planning stage. A company that invests in employee wellness through the preventive use of ergonomic mats can bring about great improvements at little cost. The sooner done, the better the results.

What kind of environments are workplace mats good for?

There is a great need for workplace mats in every field of activity. There are mats specially designed for e.g. checkout counters, assembly lines or foodstuff industries. Some can handle heavy loads, welding sparks, oils and chemicals and most of them dampened noise and vibration.

How do the mats work?

All of our mats are ergonomic and non-slip. Choose between three types, all with special characteristics. Soft mats cushion shocks, dampen sound and protect against cold floors. Springy mats help your feet and muscles work unaware of the load, and have a positive effect on blood circulation. Mats made from springy materials in combination with a bubble surface stimulate your feet while relieving the strain on the rest of your body.

What sort of mat should I buy?

Requirements for workplace mats range from dry office surroundings to heavy industrial environments. It’s important to have the right mat in the right place. Nitrile rubber (NBR) or synthetic rubber (SBR) mats are suitable in heavy industrial environments. In general, these mats can withstand high stress; they are resistant to oils, grease and can handle most chemicals. For food processing environments, we recommend mats with anti-bacterial qualities and drainage channels on the underside. This makes them easy to keep clean. Sometimes, when an environment requires mats in special shapes and sizes, you can choose custom mats or build them from modules.

Find out more about rubber and the various materials/compounds available on wikipedia.


Materials / properties
Nitrile rubber (NBR)
A grade of rubber that is resistant to oils, heat and chemicals. Hard-wearing, but also strain-relieving and cushioning. They withstand moisture better than natural rubber.
Synthetic rubber (SBR)
Better wear and age resistance than natural rubber. Soft, flexible and cushioning material that can handle moisture but is best suited in dry environments.
Natural rubber (NR)
Extremely hard-wearing, soft, flexible and cushioning material that can handle moisture but is best suited in dry environments.
Foamed vinyl, a soft and springy material for improved ergonomics and comfort. Long service life. Often used for the underside of our two-layer mats.
Two-layer mats
Vulcanized mat for best adhesion. No adhesive necessary, which makes the mat an excellent environmental choice. These mats work best in dry environments.

Because choosing the right mat is so important, we’re happy to get involved early on in the process. We have the necessary know how to make sure you get the right mat in the right place.

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Choosing the right mat

When you choose a mat, you should naturally pick the one you feel is most comfortable to stand on. But it is also important to choose a mat according to its environment. We have mats available for every kind of environment; some can handle heavy loads, welding sparks, oils and chemicals. Others are better suited to retail stores and light industry. We have mats made from springy materials with bubble surfaces that stimulate the feet, and mats that are treated with bactericides suitable for use in food handling environments. To make things easier and provide a little help with your choice, we’ve created a guide – The right mat in the right place. The right mat in the right place.

Mat selector

You can also go straight to our Mat selector. We’ve identified a number of typical environments for you to select and where we propose the type of mats best suited for the particular environment.

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