StandUp Air ergonomisk ståmatta med ytskikt av nitrilgummi

StandUp Air

Our work station mats for office ergonomics are small, neat and specially designed for use with height-adjustable standing desks. StandUp Air has an extra soft, thick core for good load ergonomics for work standing up. The mat is very cushioning and strain relieving. The stylishly patterned surface layer is made of nitrile rubber, which makes it extra tough and hard wearing. StandUp Air is suitable for standing desks in offices, receptions and retail stores.


Technical specifications

Properties:Very soft, cushioning and springy.
Material:Top layer of nitrile, underside of foamed nitrile rubber.
Thickness:19 mm
Fire resistance class:
Environment:Public environments, offices, shops, banks, receptions.
Care:Sweep, vacuum, wipe off with a mild detergent.




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