Yoga Fashion Nitril

Yoga Fashion Nitrile is a very soft and strain-relieving mat with a hard-wearing surface layer of nitrile rubber and an underside of nitrile/PVC. Suitable for standing and sitting workplaces, the mat is light and very easy to move aside. The surface layer can handle high heels and chemicals, oils, grease, and welding equally well. The textile-like surface makes the mat non-slip.


Technical specifications

Properties:Very soft, cushioning, relieving.
Material:Surface layer of nitrile rubber (of which 20% is recycled); underside of foamed nitrile rubber.
Thickness:16 mm
Oil resistance:Long exposure.
Temperature range:-20°C to +200°C* (*for short periods)
Fire resistance class:D.O.C. -FF-1-70 (Pill test)
Environment:Offices and public spaces. Light/heavy industry, welding.
Care:Sweep; clean with detergent. Solvents not recommended.




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