Yoga Flex

Yoga Flex is made entirely of natural rubber, which provides a very soft, springy mat. The mat’s bubble top and elasticity stimulate your feet and improve blood circulation. The underside’s suction cup pattern keeps the mat in one place. The centre and end pieces in the smart modular system allow the mat to be extended to the preferred size. Integrated bevelled edges reduce the risk of tripping. Because natural rubber retains its suppleness even in sub-zero temperatures, Yoga Flex is ideally suited for low temperatures. It is moisture resistant, but best in dry environments unaffected by chemicals.

Technical specifications

Properties:Soft, cushioning.
Material:Natural rubber.
Thickness:13 mm
Oil resistance:Short exposure.
Temperature range:-30°C – +60°C
Fire resistance class:
Environment:Warehouse, light industry.
Care:Sweep, vacuum or wipe off using a mild detergent (pH 4.0-9.0). Withstands pressure wash up to 60 psi.



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