Yoga Flex Industri

Yoga Flex Industri is made from nitrile and natural rubber; the especially dense rubber compound makes it difficult for bacteria to gain a hold. The nitrile rubber content means it is able to withstand oils, grease and chemicals while making the mat highly hard-wearing and heat resistant. Modular system consisting of centre and end pieces that fit together to the preferred length; also available as a full size mat 60 × 90 cm. The round bubbles on top of the mat stimulate your feet and improve blood circulation. Worn-out modules are easy to replace and the mat can be extended or reduced as required, which is cost-effective.


Technical specifications

Properties:Soft, cushioning
Material:Blend of nitrile and natural rubber.
Thickness:13 mm
Oil resistance:Long exposure.
Temperature range:-20°C – +60°C
Fire resistance class:
Environment:Heavy industry, oily environments. The food industry. Handles oils, grease and chemicals.
Care:Sweep; wash with de-greasing detergent (pH 4.0-9.0). Withstands pressure wash up to 60 psi.




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