Yoga Solid

Yoga Solid is a hard-wearing, modular mat with a dense, non-slip top surface. Small projections on the underside raise the mats to aid drainage and ventilate the floor. The mats are easily extended to the preferred size, and each module has a fixed link on one side which makes it easy to connect to the next module. The dense top makes the mat easy to clean. The modules are easy to disconnect and flush clean. Can also be finished with bevelled edges to reduce the risk of tripping.

Technical specifications

Properties:Soft, cushioning.
Material:Natural rubber.
Thickness:15 mm
Oil resistance:Short exposure.
Temperature range:-30°C – +60°C
Fire resistance class:
Environment:Dry environments, light industry. For covering large areas.
Care:Sweep; wash with de-greasing detergent (pH 4.0-9.0). Withstands pressure wash up to 60 psi.



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