Yoga Step Zedlan

Extremely hard-wearing workplace mat with an extra tough marbled surface layer. Soft and noise-reducing underside of the springy Zedlan foamed vinyl material. Available in light or dark grey. When buying mats by the metre, you can also order the bevel on the short sides.

Technical specifications

Properties:Soft, cushioning, springy.
Material:Surface layer in vinyl, underside of Zedlan, foamed vinyl.
Thickness:14 mm
Oil resistance:Short exposure.
Temperature range:+10°C – +95°C
Fire resistance class:D.O.C. -FF-1-70 (Pill test)
Environment:Retail stores, banks, offices, reception desks, assembly lines, warehouses, printing works, workshops, light industry
Care:Sweep, wipe off with a mild detergent.



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