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Yoga Tailor Nitril

The workplace mat you decide the shape and size of. The mat’s format adapts to suit your requirements. It can be linked to cover large surfaces, angled or rounded shapes and is also available by the meter in three different widths Yoga Tailor Nitrile has checker-plate pattern and a non-slip surface layer of nitrile rubber that can handle oil and chemical spills. The underside consists of a soft, springy EPDM rubber. The mat is made with bevelled edges all round and rounded corners.

Technical specifications

Properties:Soft, cushioning, non-slip.
Material:Nitrile rubber surface layer and an EPDM rubber underside.
Thickness:11 mm
Oil resistance:Long exposure. NOTE! Applies only to the surface, not the underside.
Temperature range:-15°C – +80°C
Fire resistance class:
Environment:Shops, public spaces, warehouses, industry.
Care:Sweep; clean using a mild detergent.



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