Att välja rätt matta. Vilken miljö ska den ligga i? Här ser vi Yoga Tuff Extra i restaurangmiljö samt Yoga Tex i svetsmiljö.

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When you choose a mat, you should naturally pick the one you feel is most comfortable to stand on. But it is also important to choose a mat according to its environment. We have mats available for every kind of environment; some can handle heavy loads, welding sparks, oils and chemicals. Others are better suited to retail stores and light industry. We have mats made from springy materials with bubble surfaces that stimulate the feet, and mats produced using special, dense rubber compounds that make them suitable for use in food handling environments.

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Comfort Flow

Workplace mat with a rugged pattern that makes it non-slip. The open design lets liquids through to drain away. Made of 100% nitrile rubber.


Workplace mat for ergonomics in offices and retail stores. A small, neat mat specially designed for use with height-adjustable standing desks.

StandUp Air

Suitable for standing desks in offices, receptions and retail stores. The mat has a soft, cushioning, strain-relieving underside. Attractively patterned, extra resistant, hard-wearing surface layer of nitrile rubber.


A special mat for entrances or surroundings that have extra high standards for dust and dirt control. It comprises a non-slip base plate with a tacky sheet that collects dust and dirt from shoes.

Yoga Bubble

Made entirely of natural rubber to make it soft and cushioning. Bubbled top surface.

Yoga Deck Zedlan

Hard-wearing workplace mat with a checker-plate surface layer and an underside of the softer, springy Zedlan foamed vinyl material with excellent ergonomics and comfort.

Yoga Fashion

Yoga Fashion is a mat especially designed for public spaces. The textile surface means the mat blends in perfectly in offices, receptions and at checkouts.

Yoga Fashion Nitril

Yoga Fashion Nitrile is a very soft, strain-relieving mat with a hard-wearing surface layer of nitrile rubber

Yoga Flex

Made entirely of natural rubber, which provides for a very soft, springy mat for the best ergonomics. The rounded bubbles on the top surface stimulate the feet.

Yoga Flex Industri

Made from a blend of nitrile and natural rubber that allows it to withstand harsh industrial environments. A modular mat that can be produced in custom lengths.

Yoga PUR

An effective workplace mat with a bubble surface which provides excellent relief when working standing up.

Yoga Step Zedlan

An extremely hard-wearing mat with an extra tough surface layer. Soft and noise-reducing underside of the springy Zedlan foamed vinyl material.

Yoga Super Plus

Yoga Super Plus is made of Zedlan, a heavy-duty foamed vinyl that provides superior softness, springiness and service life.

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